The annual ICT Awards aim to celebrate national excellence in the discipline of IT sectors in Nepal. The awards are celebrate in conjunction with the annual ICT Awards conference held in the capital city of Nepal each year.

With participation from diverse sector, the ICT Awards reflects the diversity of national interaction and need for a common recognition platform and standard of excellence that represents the wide breath and impact of IT sector. This ICT Awards platform serves as reference for the interaction between community and IT sectors to build upon strong e-society, and provides both professionals and students with tangible examples of best work in field of IT sectors in Nepal.

Award ceremony will have smaller events such as launch of new products, documentaries on the stories of the top 3 selected individuals in each category followed by LIVE Music and Entertainment programme.


We were elated beyond words to honor dignitary and companies last year and the year ahead which stand out because of their unique contributions or prospective contributions in their respective fields.

To mention we awarded Mr. Muni Bahadur Shakya with ICT Pioneer award 2016 and Mr. Suresh Regmi with ICT Pioneer award 2017. Four startup companies viz. Kul Techno Lab, NepFlights, Sasto Deal and Yellow Nepal were awarded with best startup award 2016 and Paaila Technology, Zeftware solution & Basobaas Pvt Ltd were awarded with best startup award 2017. From 2017 we started the ICT Diaspora award and ICT Best product award.

We were privileged to honour Mr. Kiran Joshi with the ICT Diaspora award. The company to receive Best Product Award 2017 was PARI, EVEREST CAST & NEPAL VR. From 2017 we also started to felicitate journalists for their contribution in ICT


Twenty first century is hugely influenced by technology, and it is considered as one of the pivotal dimension to boost the economic development of any nation. We have witnessed how technology impact the economy of world. With increasing impact of technology in developed and developing countries like Nepal, we believe that the fourth edition of the Living with ICT Awards for excellence in the field of Information & Communication Technology held last year served as a milestone for the tech sector and helped in innovating new and advanced ideas from our tech entrepreneurs while also giving them a sense of recognition and appreciation for their works.

We have made these awards an annual event with the hope to act as a catalyst for growth of the ICT sector. We will look forward to create a spotlight on these individuals and their business ideas and help in creating videos and other forms of content for these individuals.

It is inevitable fact that ICT sector has been moving very rapidly and newer advances in technology have impacted this field more than any other form of business. We look forward to this opportunity to empowering the Nepalese tech industry and create a benchmark for awards and recognition in the Technology sector.


We are an ICT Media that caters to information which matters in technology, the developments, practices and trends of its scope; ‘Living with ICT’ is one of a kind in Nepal. We create tech news and updates in four striking forms: print, online, on air and through Mobile apps.

The Organizing Committee is delighted to request you to participate The Living with ICT Awards Event Program entitled “ICT Award 2019” to be organized by I C Tech Media Pvt. Ltd.