About Rising Student ICT Award 2019

This year we are introducing a new award category titled as ‘Rising Student ICT Award 2019’ with the aim of recognizing excellence of students’ in innovation of information system, computer science, information technology or other related concern of IT sector. Applicable to students of any province of Nepal, this award aims to strengthen the innovative skills of IT and engineering students in development of IT in Nepal. This award affords the winner an opportunity to emerge themselves as a leading innovator in IT sector. In addition, the winner receives recognition and exposure to a huge community of IT professionals and vendors that can beneficially affect his/her career path. Furthermore, we would like to welcome active participation of students from all province of Nepal. We are interested in submissions for innovations to specific theme:


Project Competition Theme-Digital Nepal: Innovations which helps to promote and enhance digital Nepal. You can develop any innovations which can help to promote digitization of Nepal. For example, you can develop your projects on e-Governance, e-Tourism, e-Agriculture, e-Education, e-Health, e-Participation, and e-society and so on which means your project should be an important brick for the foundation of digital Nepal.


Participation Benefits:

  • Opportunity to be declared the first winner of the ICT Rising Award.
  • Public recognition during the Award ceremony and through others channels, including reports, websites, and traditional and digital media.
  • Networking opportunity with high profile attendees at the award ceremony.
  • Media interviews opportunities at the award ceremony.
  • Investment opportunity to enhance product in future.


Eligible Entities:

Any students of Nepal from all province is eligible for this award, who are studying engineering and IT such as Bachelors of Engineering, BIT, BSc. CSIT, BIM, BCA, BCIS, BSc IT and any other faculties related to IT sector are highly encouraged to apply.


Submission Criteria:

Students should submit any projects, ranging from software to hardware. Students can submit their projects individually or in a group (Max. 04 members).

Submission must include:

  • Title of the project
  • Team Members’ details with Name of their institute.
  • Theme and highlights of the project
  • Short video describing/demonstrating the projects. This must be maximum of 3 minutes.
  • Proof of students’ status.
  • Supplementary materials.


Submission procedure:

We are holding calls for innovations through online submission platform (OPIs) to discover new innovations and ideas. You can submit your project via www.ictaward.org. We do not charge any submission fee for participants. You should upload maximum 3 minutes video sample or PPT presentation file. The submission will open from 1st of Jestha to 25th of Jestha 2076.


Application and judging timeline:

  • 1st Jestha, call for the applications.
  • Jestha 25 is deadline to submit project in video or PPT presentation format, which must me maximum of three minutes.
  • Evaluation of your project and shortlisting the applicants.
  • Call for interview, presentations and other requirements if necessary.
  • Jury members will announce top five attendees after evaluating projects in different sectors.
  • Online and SMS voting.
  • Based on your project, our internal evaluation team will evaluate and the winners will be decided by the jury.
  • 17th August, 2019 Grand Finale and award ceremony.