For the ICT Startup Award, ICT product Award, ICT Entrepreneur Award & Digital Governance ICT Award every applicant goes through five different stages. They are as follows:

Stage 1:  To reach out the interested applicants we call for online applications.

Stage 2:   After evaluating the documents, the jury shortlists the applicants who have met the criteria.

Stage 3:  The applicant is asked for interview, presentations and other requirements if necessary. By this time we will have completed one month and top ten get selected.

Stage 4:  Online and SMS voting begins to decide the top three. Those who didn’t make it to top three get eliminated.

Stage 5: Based on above four stages and inputs from our internal evaluation team, the winner is decided by the jury.

As for the Pioneers, Diaspora & Media ICT award, Nominee should nominate or recommend personnel who have contributed in the social transformation through ICT. The jury and advisory team with incorporations of feedbacks from the internal evaluation team announce the recipient.


ICT Startup Award 2018

“Living with ICT” seeks self-nomination from the founder or co-founder of the company for the ‘ICT Startup Award 2018’. Award will be provided to the Nepal based IT company having at least one product or service in the market. Those companies of not more than 3 year age ( Registered after F.Y- 2071-72 ) will be eligible for the award.

ICT Product Award 2018

Those Nepal based ICT product/service provider innovating or adopting new concept in their product or services will be eligible for the Product ICT Award 2018′. The product/service released between Asar 1, 2074 to Jesta 31, 2075 can participate for this award via self-nomination by owner/co-founder/developer of the product/service or product/service providing company. The product/service should be unique, feasible, consistent with competitive, creative feature and higher user acceptance where the legal registration and age of the company may but product may not matter. The product or services should have prominent scalability factor.

ICT Pioneer Award 2018

Award will be provided to Nepali veteran ICT pioneer with contribution in ICT sector of Nepal for the past 15 years or more.

ICT Nepali Diaspora Award 2018

Award will be provided to native Nepali residing and based in foreign country achieving exemplary feat in the ICT sector.

ICT Entrepreneur Award

Nepali Entrepreneur with exemplary entrepreneurial success in ICT sector in recent 5 years

ICT Digital Governance Award 2018

This award is for Government Institution / agency ranging from the Local Governing body (Gaupalika, Nagarpalika), Departments, Ministries or their specialized ICT initiatives showcasing exemplary incorporation, implementation and execution of ICT tools to serve their constituency.

ICT Media person Award 2018

This award will be provided to mainstream media person writing and contributing to the ICT issues for at least last 3 years.