For the ICT Startup Award, ICT product Award, ICT Entrepreneur Award & Digital Governance ICT Award every applicant goes through five different stages. They are as follows:

Stage 1:  To reach out the interested applicants we call for online applications.

Stage 2:   After evaluating the documents, the jury shortlists the applicants who have met the criteria.

Stage 3:  The applicant is asked for interview, presentations and other requirements if necessary. By this time we will have completed one month and top ten get selected.

Stage 4:  Online and SMS voting begins to decide the top three. Those who didn’t make it to top three get eliminated.

Stage 5: Based on above four stages and inputs from our internal evaluation team, the winner is decided by the jury.

As for the ICT Pioneer Award, Nepali Diaspora ICT Award, Digital Governance ICT award, Digital Education Award & Media Recognition nominee should nominate or recommend personnel who have contributed in the social transformation through ICT. The jury and advisory team with incorporations of feedbacks from the internal evaluation team announce the recipient.


ICT Startup Award 2019

This award will be awarded to one up and coming start-up ICT based company which has demonstrated growth within the organization and has created a business model we believe can be successful in the long run.

ICT Product Award 2019

This award will be awarded to one innovative product released with categories from hardware & software. The Awarded product will have the potential to impact businesses in the long run and make an impact in the lives of the mass population.

ICT Pioneer Award 2019

This award will be awarded to one individual who has contributed significantly in the promotion and development of ICT long since. We try to unveil such personality who has remained behind the scene but his/her contributions are unprecedented and undisputed.

ICT Nepali Diaspora Award 2019

This award will be awarded to one Nepali origin person who, though has remained outside but has made remarkable imprint in the international arena and has helped identify the country as internationally competent in global stage.

ICT Entrepreneur Award 2019

This Award will be awarded to IT Entrepreneurs of Nepal to recognize their ability and help them move ahead, who are shaping the arena in Nepal and beyond. Their experience, expertise and charisma have energized a whole generation of entrepreneurs.

ICT Digital Governance Award 2019

This Award will be awarded to government organization who has been involved in promoting, using and enabling digital governance through their offices.

Digital Education ICT Award 2019

This Award will be awarded to recognize achievements of Schools and Educational institutions for their optimum utilization of ICT in education sector. This award will be awarded on the basis of implementation of digital education as an effective tool for learning services.

Rising Innovation ICT Award 2019

This year we are launching New Award with the aim of recognition of excellence of student’s innovation and product development in IT Sector. With this Award, we aim to strengthen the innovation skills of IT and Engineering students of ICT sectors in Nepal.

ICT Media person Recognition 2019

ICT Media Recognition Award is for those inspiring media personnel are who have made a significant contribution in using, promoting and disseminating ICT related information and knowledge among general public.