Sushil Pokharel

Sushil Pokharel is the managing director of HydroVillage Private Limited. Besides, he has been involved in various other ventures. He is the chairman of Sushmit International. Sushmit International supplies broadcasting equipment and is one of the largest in its sector in Nepal. Pokharel started working at the tender age of 14. He started his job as a paper hawker (Kantipur) to support his study. He is also among the managing partners of Travel To Nepal, one of the trusted travel agencies in Nepal.
Inspired from a number of entrepreneurs who are active philanthropists, Pokharel contributes a good time in charity organizations. He is the founder of For My Nation, a charity organization established to build permanent shelter to earthquake (Gorkha) victims.
He also mentors aspiring young entrepreneurs through Yuwa Uddhyami Ghar The organization provides platform to pitch their ideas and arranges meeting with potential investors.
Pokharel is the recipient of Asia Honesty Award for his achievement and an important role in encouraging SMEs across the world.  Besides he is honored with many national and International awards.