Innovation Driven Crisis Response ICT Award 2020 Top 5 Finalists


Covid-19 Pneumonia Detection Using Deep Learning and Neural Networks

This is developed by the Co-developers and is a really functional and effective model of technology in the current scenario. Their technology uses AI to detect and distinguish between Pneumonia caused by Covid-19 and normal healthy lungs. It helps to differentiate about the type of medication and care required for a patient. They have used Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) applied upon Image classification algorithm to create this technology. This technology have used a data set of 4000 X-ray reports to create this model. Their CNN Models has an accuracy of 96 percent. That is to say, if we feed an X-ray report of patients, it can accurately detect Covid-19 pneumonia 96 out of 100 times. They have a wide community of 600 learners in 77 countries and one of their students is working with doctors in US to implement this Model. This model is therefore having a global impact. It is really economical and can be accessed through the browser when deployed. It is also very accurate as it uses AI.

GoCorona- Nurse Robot

Go-Corona Robot  is the first Nepali Nurse Robot. The robot has the competence to take care of corona patients in the isolation ward and is also capable of delivering sanitizer, medicines, foods, etc for them. It aims to provide safety to the Medical Staff. The robot works to boost the patient’s morale, provide entertainment, and create a comfortable environment for the patient. The 4-foot-tall robot is equipped with a 12-megapixel camera, high-tech microphone, and ultrasound speaker. Luku V7.0 (Lovkush) Version 7 of the robot is being used. A microphone attached to the robot and it can hear human voices and also respond to sounds by understanding them through software. We used wood, more copper, and less iron, hard plastic, and cardboard as it helped treat corona patients. The robot can carry a lot of goods. The Go-Corona robot is connected to a high speed processor, which allows the robot to operate and control. They have added an android application that has been created for Go-Corona and the robot can be run through it.

Paaila Emergency Resuscitator

This project is really worthy to save lives during the pandemic. As ventilators are really high at demand and is in the verge of scarce, Paaila Emergency Resuscitator is preparing themselves to support government and medical personnel’s at the time of crisis. They are working on the development of low-cost ventilators which when needed can be mass-produced in a short period of time. It is a simple Ambu bag based ventilator. Yet many parameters have been incorporated for a wider range of functionality and monitoring. It cannot replace the ICU ventilator, but can serve as a simple tool that delivers initial respiratory support to any patient with respiratory failure. This ventilator is robust, reliable, and fault-tolerant with backup power and tunable alarms. While it cannot replace an FDA-approved ICU ventilator, in terms of functionality, flexibility, and clinical efficacy, the Paaila Vent can serve as a simple tool that delivers initial respiratory support to any patient with respiratory failure. It also has audible alarms for different patient or resuscitator condition. It has upto 4 hours battery backup and a Failsafe design.

Sister Robot- Food and Medicine Carrying Robot

Covid pandemic has surely been a harsh scenario for all the living beings but at the same time it has been an origin for new innovation and ideas. One of them are the sister robots. Sister Robot is a food and medicine carrying robots which are manually controlled, used in Corona Testing Hospital like Teku, APF Hospital, Hetauda Hospital or Butwal dhago Karkhana hospital where health representatives or medical professionals will use to carry food from the kitchen of the hospital to the patient isolation room. Sister Robots different versions are developed to fight against the COVID19 Pandemic to make sure health workers are not exposed to COVID19 as health workers are at high risk of transmission . The sister robot can be operated in isolation wards and ICUs with the help of transmitters and Camera System up to 100-500 meters. The robot will be able to monitor the health condition of the corona patient. There are currently 20 Hospitals providing services to COVID19 patients. Sister Robot aims to provide service to all the hospitals throughout the Nation and make sure no health has to be infected and lose their life while saving other hundreds of lives. Yet, the fact that 600 health workers deaths were reported in the USA early June says a lot about Sister’s Importance.

Thermo graphic camera for measuring fever

Thermo-graphic cameras (Thermal Camera) is a more reliable and effective tool to help you to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the awake of growing number of Covid-19 infections. Considering the need of keeping physical distance among people, the Thermographic camera has been brought to you to take the body temperature with highly sensitive sensors. The bolometer sensor imported from the US and other equipment brought from China have been assembled and framed locally to provide the highly effective screen system though this camera. This camera reduces the risk of infection keeping comparatively safer distance than that of a thermal gun. This product is helping daily 10000 plus fever screening in Singha durbar south gate by a single device. Their mission is to set up a national fever database so that to collect data from different quarantine, boarders, Airport, bus stations etc.

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