Product ICT Award 2021 Top 5 Finalists



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BugV is a crowdsourced cyber security platform where it connects business with security experts, researchers, penetration testers from all over the world. It is the vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform that connects businesses with penetration testers and cybersecurity researchers. BugV was founded 4 years ago with the vision to improve the security infrastructures in the country. BugV partnered with the global hacker community to surface the most relevant security issues of our customers before they get exploited by others. This product has been important in many of the aspects like discovering hidden system vulnerabilities before others do, saving cost and in addition to all of that Bugv is result oriented – Next-Gen penetration testing – Preserving the company’s image and customers loyalty by working with hackers. Currently, the product has two payment gateways available for reward payment: i) eSewa ii) Fonepay. Bugv’s long-term goals include entering the Nepalese market and obtaining seed funding. By 2022, Bugv wants to be on the Asian market and raise Series A funding, as well as establish offices in several locations. Bugv intends to enter the US market and obtain Series B funding by 2025.

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IMS Distribution Management System

To vote: Type ICT CA 202 and send to 33001. IMS DMS- software is a complete solution of distribution functions that includes Sales Order Management, Accounting Management, Inventory Control, Report Analytics, Customer and Supplier Management & API Integrations. Working together, the team believes that IMS-DMS software is the best distribution management solution for all major and minor distributors and importers in South Asia. It is flexible enough to incorporate innovations and changes when required. It is a robust web-based single platform that ensures tracking and maintaining transactions & movement of goods of the entire distribution chain from manufacturer/importer to retailer. It has broader features like: DMS WORKFLOW A. Masters B. Transactions C. Reports The IMS DMSsoftware is functional in online as well as offline mode. A. MASTERS IMS DMS Software has masters for product hierarchy, sales team hierarchy, customer master with channel classification, trade promotion master and pricing master. It has master-setup arrangements for major operational functionalities. All transactions are recorded as per the master set up. It is compatible for master migration through uploading and downloading features in excel sheets. It has the following master set up for the recording of the transactions. a. The Software picks the product master from the portal of the SAP system used by the manufacturer/importer. It keeps all product masters of SAP through the data synchronization mechanism.

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Mikha is the next-generation video collaboration solution built from the ground up by Digi Connect that offers a highly scalable, feature-rich, and flexible video platform for organizations ensuring their workflows (internal and external) remain resilient in the face of possible disruptions and stay connected with customers to provide virtual face-to-face service. With an open API, the solution can be extended to any number of use cases with the flexibility of customization as per the BFSI Industry specific requirements. Mikha is a digital platform integrated with video to provide virtual branch experience to customers and perform almost all banking transactions as customers would do if they were to a physical branch. Except for cash transactions, cards, or cheque issuance.

Multi-participant video calls, facial recognition, integration, signature verification, geolocation, and cloud/on-prem recording are just a few of the important features. It is significant for its customizable process, third-party integration (OpenAPI), Intuitive User Experience, AI Enabled Facial & Signature Verification along with Guided Script. The product team has created a road map for collaborating with various industries, including health, education, retail, finance, government, and SAAS.

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Plant Sat

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PlantSat is a free platform to empower demographics by considerably increasing their yield and financial returns. They use free satellite data, integrate it with climatic and weather data to provide real time analytics to the global farmers in the form of colored maps that are simple and easy to understand. These technologies will help the farmers recover from the crisis in the immediate aftermath by maximizing the farm profitability while ensuring the resilience of the system in the face of any global crises that may emerge in the future. They believe that their idea will also have a spillover effect for farmers, which in the long run will increase their digital inclusivity. PlantSat offers 5 key features to the farmers, researchers and extension officers using colored maps that are simple and easy to understand. The features include: Crop Performance Monitoring: Farmers can track their crop performance through this feature by constant monitoring of the crop through satellite imagery. Nitrogen Fertilizer Efficiency: It provides the farmers with guidance for optimum nitrogen-based fertilizer application for top dressing crops, based on the canopy nitrogen content. Water use efficiency: We calculate crop moisture content from satellite imagery every 3- 5 day thereby helping the farmers manage water resources in a more sustainable way, especially in areas where water is a scarce resource Offline functionality and GPS routing: They provide offline functionality to make sure users can avail the service even in remote places with sparse or no internet connectivity. Talk to Experts: After reaching the problem areas in the field by clicking a very closeup picture of that specific crop user can send it to the app owner where they will get back to you with crop specific recommendations and best management practice by agricultural experts within 24 hours.

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Sayak is an integrated software system that began with the initiation of NLP collectives in 2004. The product’s unique defining characteristic is that it offers a wide range of services on a single platform, provides excellent performance and a better user experience, and is available in multiple Nepali writing standards. Typing in Nepali, Font Conversion (TTF>Unicode), Spelling Checking in Nepali (web/chrome plugin/Word plugin), Nepali Brihat Shabdakosh, and Nepali language resource center are some of the important features of this product. This service is presently offered at no cost. Sayak with its presence has increased access to Nepali language, generated content for varieties of corpus and has been a good dataset for downstream machine learning tasks. Currently there are thousands of regular public users in this platform including corporate news agencies, online news media, publication houses and government ministries.

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