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IsolutionLife is a Complete Insurance Management Software.iSolutionLife is the product of Darshantech. Darshantech is established in 2010 working as Insurance Domain only.
It is the leading provider of technology solutions for the insurance industry. Already implemented at 7 leading Life insurance companies Darshantech has highly experienced team members. iSolutionLife has target market for Life Insurance Companies, Policy market,Agency market, Reinsurer , Banca assurance,Insurance Regulators etc. The clients of iSolutionlife are citizen life, Asian life insurance, prabhulife, sun life insurance, reliable life insurance, gurans life insurance, reliance life insurance etc.

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Sarathi is the mobility solutions offering ride booking, leasing, car rental and car sharing. The company established on 2016 started its operation from 2017. The tech based company register in Nepal creating the opportunity to the range of service provider from blending traditional provider with modern market model to creating disruptive industry. There are 10000 taxis’s in Kathmandu. The largest owner of taxi’s (cars with a taxi license) has about 20 cars. There is an official “by the meter” system by the government. Customers currently can call a call center and order the taxi. Sarathi monitors its cars with GPS.

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SmartPalika is an integrated Software System backed by Smart City Researchers, Local Governance Experts, Development Experts and Data Technology Experts. The objective of the system is to give the first Digital Shift to Local Governments of Nepal. The Smartpalika system has the following core components:
• Mobile Apps
• Representative’s Dashboard – Ward & R/Municipality Office System
• Connected Website (optional)
• Village Profile (optional)
• Digital Data Survey System (optional)

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In 2016 A.D, we established a company called Impact IT with a mission to help people by solving their daily life issues with our mobile applications. Initially, started with just a few thousands of investment and few numbers of employees, we have developed different types of mobile applications such as kakaaki, kharchakitab and thirdwheel. As time went on, we have already started developing few more mobile applications which may be helpful for people in their daily life. Thirdwheelnepal is the Nepal’s first online door to door motorcycle repair and maintenance service.

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Udhyami Nepal

Udhyami Nepal is first of its kind portal designed specifically for Nepali small business and entrepreneurs in Nepali language. We want to reach every day, small enterprises, and reduce the barrier for small business owners to access business tips and information, training opportunities, financial services, and potential customers. Udhyami Nepal provides Information about Suitable Grants, Funds, Subsidies, Loans, and Scholarships supported by Government and Non-Government Agencies. Also provides Relevant and useful News for Entrepreneurs in timely manner, Facebook Live series featuring small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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