Rising Student ICT Award 2021 Top 5 Finalists



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Askmattrab.com strives to provide free of cost educational resources available for students all over Nepal. With the main focus on Nepali curriculum anyone can use the website to read unlimited resources. Askmattrab aims to bridge the educational gap around the country utilizing the resources created by students themselves. Everything, from notes, videos, answers to analysis of various texts, is prepared by “creators”. Their website not only allows users to share academic content but also their words. There are Mattrab Stories where students share about themselves, their journey, their experiences and more. Today askmattrab has 30000+ readers monthly with 1450+ reading resources. Askmattrab promotes interactive and collaborative learning methods in their platform where 2000+ students from different parts of Nepal are engaged with 1700+ learners, 120+ creators and 40+ admins.

Project Team: Rabin Kumar Kalikote, Pranish Khanal, Ishan Panta, Aakriti Karki and Joon Shakya.

For more information: Nepal’s largest online learning platform – Mattrab (askmattrab.com)

IoT Based Economical Air Purifier for the Global South

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The project is based on the Internet of Things (IoT) for automatic air purification systems. The system displays air quality measurements to the connected display and operates automatically when the pollution exceeds healthy levels and shuts itself after the air quality reaches healthy levels. The project has a server-based database which can be established to monitor local and regional level data to conduct research studies and hence in effective measures. The system can be developed with artificial intelligence to work on its optimum on a given area with ever increasing effectiveness. The collected data can be analyzed to identify different types of particulate matter and the system can be adapted accordingly. The variation of PMs in regions of differing altitudes, climate, pressure can be studied via our data. By adding other modules like Gas detectors, harmful chemical gases can also be detected and can be used to alert people.

Project Team: Manoj Gurung, Kushal Bhandari, Shreedip Kaini, Navneet Singh and Ishan Panta.

For more information: https://youtu.be/DjQOTuAts8w


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Mushoor is committed to integrating the latest technologies like IoT, Analytics, and AI with farming. Their latest product is the Mushoor Home Harvest System, a fully automated IoT-enabled device that maintains consistent climatic conditions within the device. Mushoor is working to build an ecosystem which enables common people to grow varieties of mushrooms and microgreens in their own homes using Mushoor’s system. The importance of this project is it has been promoting Decentralized Farming in order to enable the population to access fresh and organic nutritious foods, it contributes to the rise above the concept of farm to table and disrupts the supply chain by enabling the consumers to be the producers themselves.

Enabling accessible and affordable nutrition to people, Mushoor’s major objective is to ensure accessible and affordable nutrition for people. In Nepal, 6.1% of the population has difficult access to nutrition whereas only 36% meet recommended daily dietary requirements. By developing technologies and ecosystems that improve the quantity and quality of food consumption, Mushoor will help people devote their time and energy to building a productive and more fulfilling life.

Project Team: Shishir Panta, Prashant Bhatta, Nirdesh Bhattarai, Soni Pokharel and Nischal Nepal.

For more information : Kalki I.O.T – Mushoor (kalkiot.com)


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OpenPastPaper is a pioneering startup working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and exam management solutions. It turns the grunt work of building exam papers into a job with a few clicks. Users can browse hundreds of questions based on their subjects and build custom papers in less than 30 seconds on average. OpenPastPaper has a topical papers catalog (a collection of questions extracted from existing past papers using AI). It will allow students to study their chapters by targeting chapter-specific questions and prepare for their exams. Teachers, on the other hand, will be able to utilize this time of online learning to teach their students by having access to thousands of questions on the go and also be able to create test papers with a few clicks.

Project Team:  Manish Gotame, Prasanna Karmacharya and Santosh Baral.

For more details: OpenPastPaper

Rent A Bike

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Rent A Bike is a play store application under the ‘Travel and Local’ category. This app is created to promote mountain biking, a booming adventure sport of Nepal. Rent A Bike features some of the best one-day biking trails offered by Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures. The trail maps are free to explore, download, and navigate on your own. The highlights of this project are: -Digital Map -Route Information of Popular Biking Trips – Information on Landmarks -Offline Maps -Mountain Bike Information.

Project Team: Anusandhan Pokhrel, Baibhav Bista and Shristi Shrestha and their team is entitled Esfera.

For more information: https://rb.gy/o1wt64