Rising Student ICT Award 2020 Top 5 Finalists


3D printing with Recycled Plastic

Their project is mainly focused on reuse-ability of plastic materials and its proper management . With the help of 3D printing technology they have made the technology that can reuse the plastic waste to a new objects which can be used for different purposes like construction materials (tiles ,plastic bricks ) ,decorative items , daily use items like chairs buckets ,etc . They have already completed their 3D PRINTER. This project works for environment conservation and  it is economically profitable for the business to since the business will get cheap raw material for production.

Baala: From Waste to Wealth

Their project consists of a fully robotic agrochemical plant that takes the input of wastes from the surrounding including waste hair, feather, fur and processes it automatically with all the required mechanical and chemical procedures leading to produce highly efficient organic fertilizer that can boosts the agricultural production by more than 50% without any form of negative effect to soil and environment. This project can help to tackle down the issue of farmers not getting the fertilizer on time and lead to production of in- house fertilizers from the unwanted waste in a highly sustainable manner. It is a sustainable business model leading to utilize waste for highly needed product.

Sanchai Chhau

Through this app, users will be able to consult a virtual doctor without going through hectic procedures such as filling forms and all. The app will provide services such as being updated with news and health tips, reminding you to take medicines, navigate you to the nearest hospital, and provide you with reliable information about medicines and many illnesses and diseases through a single application. The clients will know about the price and details about the one lakh plus medicines. The main motto of their service is to excel the health and wellbeing of each and every user. We aspire to improve patient experience, especially with regard to accessing health information, ensuring transparency in medical charge and most importantly ameliorating attitude and knowledge about different health issues.

Smart Blind Man stick

Smart Blind man stick is a full IoT embedded system which intended to help visually impaired people by solving their day to day problems like navigating places and things. In this system a regular stick is made smart using IoT devices and sensors which is then able to detect the obstacles and helps the blind to know how far the obstacles in the form of sound. The stick will also be capable to tell the current date and time to the user i.e. blind people if they press the button on the stick. user using the smart stick will be able to find out the stick if misplaced within the certain distance using the remote. Along with this there is a panic button as well which will help the user to send the address of their location to their Caretaker or family member if the user is in trouble. It helps to minimize the problem of the daily life of the visually impaired person.

Smart Ghar

This project proposes IOT based smart control device (automation system) project which will help user to remotely control the different appliances present in their home or organization. This project contains software and hardware parts for fulfilling the automation system. The main feature of this build version are to turn on or off the light as well as switch, lock and unlock the door, open and close the curtain, switch on the fan, play music, play alert alarm and live stream the video which can be used as surveillance camera .This project is based on user friendly GUI based system that can be operated and easily used by any person as user and can easily control the appliances using the webpage or mobile application. The main propose of this project is to create automation system that easier the life of the users as well as for those who are aged or differently abled those who cannot perform day to day activities daily. With strength on IoT, AI and cloud computing technologies, this project provides more secure, energy-saving & comfortable smart home solutions for users. These products keep you safe, manage energy consumption, and provide entertainment.

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