Product ICT AWARD 2021

Name UG Bazaar

UG Bazaar was built with the vision to include as much automation in business processes and empower sellers and buyers alike. Through UG Bazaar, we are building a marketplace for sellers to showcase their products, buyers to interact with each other and with the sellers, and help make informed purchase decisions. To begin with, UG Bazaar is focused on verticals where the team has a proven experience in starting and scaling – food & gifts. The gifts vertical has the potential to extend as needed as market demands without being limited to traditional gifts but include electronics, automobiles, or anything that we can present as a giftable product.


UG Bazaar is the largest ecommerce portal in terms of technology built within Nepal through more than 50 months of R&D and highly customized for the needs of Nepali businesses, not just to showcase the products but to help with the core business process automation. UG Bazaar can be a pride of the nation if taken with proper leadership, guidance and support system, and definitely deserves some love from the community. With UG Bazaar, Nepal can have it’s own ecommerce platform that has technology and a team which can compete with global giants someday, soon in the future. And that’s one of the biggest things we as a company could build! It allow seamless and personalized product browsing experience to the end user – Allow SMEs to automate their core business functions via a robust MIS which allows inventory management, marketing, sales management, reporting, recruiting and other host of features which we have come to realize are essentials for daily operations – Allow consumer to interact with sellers/brands and with other consumers alike through a lot of Social interaction features – Keep users coming back and keep them engaged into the platform through in-site contests, games, easter eggs, and more. – Attract users who are not necessarily looking for general products but specifics such as cakes (food) or automobile (bikes/cars) through dedicated subsystems.