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Startup & Innovation Fest 2021

Startup & Innovation Fest 2021 is the platform for our top 12 finalists of the Product, Startup & Rising Star Innovation category each to exhibit their innovation/ideas. It is the pre-event allied to the ICT AWARD 2021.. Accompanying the Fest, the Mentorship session might be carried out by means of the Experts & Successful entrepreneurs associated with Information Technology.

ICT Startup & Innovation Fest 2021 is an event based on technological invention, students’ projects and startup ideas and innovation. This event highlights innovative ideas and encourages youths towards the development of technology. ICT Startup & Innovation Fest  2021 will also host a great exhibition where student’s innovation, projects and startup products are expected to attract a mass audience.

Major Activities

Exhibition and Product demo is the area of learning that is based upon demonstration of one’s skill, invention, and innovation. Participants will be demonstrating their invention, products, software including their startup company to the visitors.

Mentoring sessions will be organized between mentor and the participants, where the advice, knowledge sharing, and problem solving all will take place at the venue. While the aim of structuring the session is to be as productive as possible, mentoring will surely allow a bit of time to catch up informally at the beginning of a session! Everyone will feel more comfortable. Based on the discussion areas and challenges the mentee featured on their agenda, both parties can decide on a main focus for the session. This could be outcome based, such as coming up with a plan, or exploration based, such as considering a new approach or reviewing something that has not worked.

The event is a golden opportunity for all the startups and entrepreneurs as they will get the chance to meet with each other. This will surely pave a way to both the parties in working with joint effort and collaboration in the coming days ahead. This will also work as a guidance for the new startups. Sharing sessions between startup and entrepreneur will also be held which will surely benefit both sides.

The Startup & Innovation Fest 2021 is a great opportunity for all the competitors to meet Juries and experts in person. This will surely add more value to open doors of new experiences for all the participants. This fest will help the participants to get on the map for knowing the journey of juries and experts present on the venue. Along with this, the new startups will also get credibility with the presence of juries and experts and it will create unexpected opportunities to learn new ideas and about innovations in the venue.

There will also be a public voting session as the reference of all the participants who make it on Top 10/12.


 Mentorship Session

1st Oct, 2021 ( Asoj 15, 2078) | Friday

Venue: Carnival Restro & Meetings, Thapagaun, Baneshwor

Time: 1 PM to 5 PM

Product Demo & Exhibition

2nd Oct, 2021 (Asoj 16, 2078) | Saturday

Venue: Presidential Business School, Thapagaun, Baneshwor

Time: 9 AM to 5 PM

About ICT AWARD 2021

The annual ICT Award honors national achievements in the field of information technology Information and Communication Technology in Nepal. Every year, the award is presented in connection with the annual ICT Award conference that is organized in the capital of Nepal. The ICT Award highlights the diversity of national interaction and the need for a common recognized platform and standard of excellence that highlights the great breadth and impact of the IT industry, with involvement from a variety of sectors.

This Award platform provides both professionals and students with practical examples of great work in the field of ICT sectors in Nepal and serves as a reference for the interaction between community and IT sectors in order to establish a strong e-society. Award ceremony will also be witnessed by other events, including the launch of new products, documentaries on the tales of the top five individuals in each category, and a LIVE Music and Entertainment program.

About Organizer

Living with ICT is a Tech Media & a Campaign, which provides information related to technology, development, practices, and trends of its scope. Living with ICT has been serving in the field of ICT for the past 10 years and is a leading IT media of Nepal. In position to global trends of media, Living with ICT provides a unique forum where  Startups, Academicians, educationists, industrialists, and students share their knowledge to fellow interest groups to satisfy their thirst for Information & Communication Technology.

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