Category - A

Startup ICT Award 2020

This award will be provided to a Tech-Startup incorporated and has demonstrated growth within the organization, created ICT product, services and/or a business model that can be successfully implemented in the long run and carries the prospect in the future market.

- Nepali ICT startup incorporated in or after F.Y.-2074/75. (Within the last three years.)


Product ICT Award 2020

This award will recognize a product that is innovative and can leave a positive impact in the lives of the community while also showing the prospect of being into business for a long run. Such products however shall be from the Tech sector and may be software or a hardware or combination of both.

- ICT Product released in the year 2019-2020 (2076 year) / 14th April 2019-12th April 2020( Baishak 1, 2076 - Chait 30, 2076)  by Nepali company or Team. 


Rising Student ICT Award 2020     

This award aims to recognize the excellence and innovative projects or products developed by +2, undergraduate or higher level students and strengthen their skills of IT and engineering.


Innovation Driven Crisis Response ICT Award 2020

This award is introduced to recognize the innovation that was driven as response towards the crisis caused by the global pandemic of COVID-19. Any product (hardware or software) that was primarily invented/developed to be pursued during the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to apply for this category. Also, perspective/possibility of using such a product in possible future crises or pandemic will be an important criteria for winning this award.

-Products and Innovations released/discovered from Jan 15, 2020 to nomination deadline are eligible to give nominations in this category.  


Category - B

Pioneer ICT Award 2020

This award will be honored to an individual who has made significant contributions towards the promotion and development of the ICT sector. It will unveil a personality who may have remained behind the scene but the contributions done by him/her are unprecedented and undisputed.

- Nepali veteran ICT pioneer with contribution in ICT sector of Nepal or abroad for the past 15 years or more.


Nepali Diaspora ICT Award 2020

This award will acknowledge a person of Nepali origin who has made remarkable imprint in the international arena and has helped identify Nepal as an internationally competent and resource talent pool in the global arena of ICT.

- Person of Nepali origin residing and based in foreign countries achieving exemplary feats in the ICT sector.


Entrepreneur ICT Award 2020

This award will applaud the charisma of an icon IT Entrepreneurs who has energized a whole generation of entrepreneurs. It will recognize their achievement to move ahead and shape the ICT sector in Nepal and abroad.

- Nepali Entrepreneur with exemplary entrepreneurial success in ICT sector in recent 5 years.


Women ICON ICT Award 2020

This award will be presented to a model icon woman leader of ICT sector in Nepal. It recognizes and celebrates females’ contribution in the tech-industry for their remarkable achievement.


Media Person ICT Award 2020

This award will recognize the influential media persons who have made a notable contribution in promoting and disseminating ICT related news, information and knowledge among the public.

- Mainstream media person writing and contributing to the ICT issues for at least the last 3 Years.


Category - C

Digital Education ICT Award 2020

This award appreciates the achievements of schools and educational institutions for their excellence in implementation and use of ICT in digital education as an effective tool for teaching and learning activities.

- Public schools or community based educational institutions with exemplary success in the ICT sector in recent past.


Digital Governance ICT Award 2020

This award acknowledges the government organizations involved in promoting, using and enabling digital governance.

- Government Institution/agencies ranging from the Local Governing body (Palikas), Departments, Ministries or their specialized ICT initiatives showcasing exemplary incorporation, implementation and execution of ICT tools to serve their constituency.