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introducing The Biggest TECH AWARD of Nepal

The ICT Award is a prestigious award in Nepal, which is awarded to individuals, innovation and organizations for outstanding achievements and excellence in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

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Honoring the Best of Technology Sector in Nepal and Beyond

This is in light of the growing impact of technology in both developed and developing countries like Nepal. In an effort to spur the development of the ICT sector, we’ve made these awards an annual event. The ICT Award aims to Encourage, Recognize, Promote, and Acknowledge the incredible achievements that create a sense of pride, unity, and inspiration throughout the excellency in the ICT Sector of Nepal and beyond.

11th Nov 2023

Public Voting Starts

10th Dec 2023

Public Voting Ends

22nd Dec 2023


why this event?

The ICT Award was started in 2016 with the goal of honoring and recognizing exceptional achievements and contributions to ICT sector. This is a prestigious award that identifies and recognizes role models & Champaign’s in the ICT sector of Nepal and South Asia.


With participation from diverse sector, the ICT Awards reflects the diversity of national interaction.


We have made these awards an annual event with the hope to act as a catalyst for growth of the ICT sector.


We are an ICT Media that caters to information which matters in technology, developments, practices and trends of its scope.

ICT AWARD (2016 – 2022)

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There are 13 awards. Each award is presented to the most innovative ICT solution entered in the category.


The applicants have to fill the registration form to apply. They must ensure they fulfill all criteria and guidelines required. Entry is FREE.


This section provides the guidelines for participating in the competition.


The applicants are shortlisted based based upon the evaluation of their performance and documents.


There are multiple programs and events scheduled prior to the grand event like Presention, Q/A Round, public voting etc.


The Award judging is comprehensive process where all nominations are judged on their category guidelines.

ICT Award Pre Events

Startup & Idea Fest


Speed Dating

TV Shows

Introducing Province Startup ICT Recognition 2023

The Province Startup ICT Recognition 2023 award is designed to acknowledge and honor a technology startup operating in one of the seven provinces of Nepal. To be eligible for this recognition, the startup must be registered and established within one of the provinces and demonstrate significant growth within its organization. Nepali ICT startup incorporated in or after F.Y.-2075/076. (Within the last five years). 

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Influential media, entertainment & technology show inspirational speakers including game changing not just a large-scale.

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The Biggest Tech Award of Nepal ICT AWARD 2023