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Province Startup ICT Recognition 2023

Province Startup

The Province Startup ICT Recognition 2023 award is designed to acknowledge and honor a technology startup operating in one of the seven provinces of Nepal. To be eligible for this recognition, the startup must be registered and established within one of the provinces and demonstrate significant growth within its organization. Nepali ICT startup incorporated in or after F.Y.-2075/076. (Within the last five years). 


The award aims to acknowledge and honor technology startups operating within the seven provinces of Nepal.

Mentoring Sessions and Bootcamp:

As part of the Provincial ICT Startup Recognition 2023, mentoring sessions and bootcamps are organized to provide additional support and guidance to the recognized startups.Experienced mentors from the industry can be assigned to each recognized startup to provide personalized guidance and support.The intensive training programs to enhance the skills and capabilities of recognized startups. These boot camps can cover various topics such as business planning, market research, financial management, product design, and pitching, equipping startups with the tools they need to succeed

Provincial Scope:

The recognition is focused on startups operating within the provinces of Nepal, promoting regional development and innovation. We celebrate and acknowledge the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas within the Nepali ICT startup ecosystem.

Recognition and Prestige:

Being honored with this recognition signifies excellence and achievement in the field of ICT startups, boosting the startup’s credibility and reputation.

Networking Opportunities:

The recognition offers a platform for startups to connect with industry leaders, investors, and potential collaborators, opening doors for partnerships and collaborations.

Encouragement and Support:

The recognition serves as an encouragement for the startup community in Nepal, promoting further growth, investment, and development in the ICT sector.

Provincial Collaboration:

By recognizing startups operating within different provinces, the award promotes collaboration and knowledge-sharing between regions, fostering a more inclusive and connected startup ecosystem.

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