Overall, we can assure our sponsors that this event will successfully raise awareness of the brand, build its image and boost its sales and promotions. We are very focused towards advertising this event and plan to attract significant media coverage.

We are confident that the programs outlined in the proposal will provide sound mileage to the sponsor and mass marketing efforts through coverage of events over the television and Pre advertisement through paper ads, TV ads, FM ads, social media, hoarding board, DTA and other marketing activities will contribute to the sponsors brand image.

The coverage before/during/after the event will be conducted by all of our valued media partners and we expect all national level news agencies to be reporting on the Awards functions and how it can play a vital role in promoting ICT sector companies and individuals with positive reinforcements.


One of the best way to promote goals, visions and objectives of any organization is through sponsoring an Event. Sponsorship will allows you to reach specifically targeted markets without any waste. In addition, as a powerful complement to other marketing programs, sponsorship can have a dramatic influence on customer’s relations.

The ICT awards ceremony provides sponsors with the opportunity to support and promote their business to a very supportive and receptive market of IT in Nepal. In addition, this event will help sponsors to enhance image and shaping consumer attitudes, building brand awareness, increase their research, creative positive publicity and heightening visibility, differentiating from competitors, generating new leads, enhance business in new arena and establish VIP relations.

ICT Award 2020, like in the past will, arguably, be a unique one of a kind event. It will definitely prove to be a great platform for any business to expand its horizon and also be benefited directly through B to B relations as well as B to C relations from the event.

Our sponsors will also be provided with the branding space where various promotional activities can be demonstrated. This event can help to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between the organization and its customers and help in showing a CSR initiative by rewarding heroes from the IT sector.


There are various Kinds of sponsorship Packages available for corporate clients with many benefits listed with the Sponsorship deals. Overall, we can assure our sponsors that this event will successfully raise awareness of the brand, build its image and boost its sales and promotion.

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