ICT Award

Product ICT Award 2022 Top 5 Finalists

Top 5


BiheNepal is a software project (mobile app) launched company namely RAWA Incorporated Pvt. Ltd. (Rawa Software). It is a matrimonial app tailor-made for Nepali society, providing singles a platform to find their life partner.

Website: www.bihenepal.com


finPOS is an omni-channel merchant platform that is designed to solve the challenges faced by merchants around processing payments, managing their customers and leveraging data to gain insights into their own business.

Website: www.finPOS.global

Galli Maps

Galli Maps is a mobile application designed and developed in Nepal. The purpose of Galli Maps is to help locate houses and landmarks. It shows gallis, roads, house numbers and landmark information of Nepal which is missing on Google Maps.

Website: www.gallimaps.com


Tigg is a cloud-based accounting system with IRD certification that assists in managing the company’s finances and taxes as well as producing business Key metrics in an understandable format.

Website: www.tiggapp.com

Vairav Trident

Vairav Trident is an Advanced Cybersecurity Operations Center Service operated and delivered via Cloud, comprising next-generation built-in security controls and integrated threat intelligence to proactively monitor, detect and respond to the evergrowing threats.

Website: www.vairav.net