ICT Award

Product ICT Award 2023 Top 5 Finalists

Top 5

Digi Buzz

DiziBuzz is a platform where we are focused on providing system-friendly public transportation”. The product aims to improve the overall experience of Travelling in Nepal by implementing user-friendly systems. The system works both in the favor of – the owner of public/private vehicle owners and the commuters who use these them for their transportation needs. The goal is to use the advanced technology of the smart system to facilitate the travelers with smart Public Announcements, filtered entertainment factor and city bus finder features with the mobile application of same. 

Fast banking

SWIFT Retail Banking Suite revolutionizes the way customers engage with their finances, providing a secure and user-friendly banking experience. This cutting-edge solution empowers individuals to have control over their financial lives through a wide array of customer-centric features. From seamless onboarding to personalized experiences and advanced security, our solution meets diverse tech-savvy customer needs. 

The product helps in Customer Workflow Control, Multiple Offline Transaction Capabilities, One Click Vendor Switching between multiple vendor transactions, Scans all QR. 

Money Mitra

Nepal’s First all in one Super Financial Web and App Easy Stock Market Analysis for even people from Non-Finance Background The only platform where all of Nepal’s stock broker are listed, compared and rated by the user as per their experience also tracking each brokers trade Giving every Nepali individual their personal chartered accountant that helps them in planning, executing and tracking their financial goals and activities A platfrom where people can learn money making skills and start their side hussel right after completion of life skill courses offered Knowledge hub that curates insightful articles and newsletters, keeping users updated and informed. This resource ensures users stay on top of market trends and financial developments. Everything combined in One single Account. 


QuickRPA is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, the first of its kind, developed in Nepal by Quickfox Consulting Pvt. Ltd. It is a suite of Intelligent Automation technology that enables software robot or “bot”development using open-source technologies and hosting those bots in a secured cloud or on-premises server. QuickRPA utilizes bots to automate repetitive and rule-based tasks in various business processes. These bots can mimic human actions and interact with digital systems, applications, and databases, streamlining workflows and increasing operational efficiency. QuickRPA eliminates manual errors, reduces processing time, and frees up human resources to focus on more strategic and creative tasks. It has found widespread adoption across industries, ranging from finance and healthcare to customer service and human resources, driving digital transformation and revolutionizing the way organizations operate. 

Yatri P-1

Yaatri P-1 is an indigenously engineered battery electric motorcycle. The full product design and validation was conducted in-house which began from February 2020 and start of production began in May 2022 from Budhanilkantha facility in Kathmandu. P-1 boasts cutting-edge automotive technology packed under a minimal dual-sport industrial design. Besides being a performance focused 250CC class motorcycle outputting 14kW of power with a true city range of 110km – it leads the class with tremendous cloud connectivity technologies. P-1’s in-house Embedded System and Vehicle Operating Software allows first-in-class connectivity features such as auto-authentication of vehicle and user for a seamless charging and digital payment service from public chargers using Yatri’s app, real-time location services, vehicle telemetry and ride pattern data, OTA software updates, Keyless start (mobile phone). Besides user facing data, P-1 features a suite of sensor nodes collection number of data to optimize and continuously improve the current and future product offerings.