ICT Award

Rising Star Innovation ICT Award 2022 Top 5 Finalists

Top 5


AskMattrab as mentioned above is a complete solution to various problems of students for free. They feel the importance of the platform for the students who struggle with quality notes. Apart from notes, they interconnect the students around the nation as one.

Website: www.askmattrab.com

Autonomous Eagle EyeUAV

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has increased the possibility of quick surveillance, 3D mapping, thermal imaging, military services, environmental study, emergency relief, and aerial seeding. So EagleEye has been designed to achieve these applications with low cost and speedy task execution.

Karobar App – Nepali Digital Khata

Karobar is the mobile accounting app for Nepali MSMEs, Nepali Digital Khata. With the Karobar app, MSMEs can easily manage their business accounting and inventory from mobile Karobar is a Nepali Digital Khata.

Website: www.karobarapp.com

Neptou- The tourism app

Neptou (Nepal tourism) is an app that provides information about all the tourist sites with local products, local places to visit, and help from locals. The tourist can visit places without missing any sites at that particular place.


Saarang is a student lead startup that helps protect, preserve and promoted cultural, natural and historical heritages of Nepal. It develops product in travel tech industry and is working to digitize information flow system of our heritages.

Website: www.thesaarang.com