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Rising Star Innovation ICT Award 2023 Top 5 Finalists

Top 5


Blanxer, an e-commerce platform, presents an innovative solution for entrepreneurs seeking to establish an online presence. With a seamless website creation process, Blanxer empowers users to craft personalized online stores without the need for technical expertise. It offers various customization to suit diverse branding needs. Moreover, Blanxer streamlines business operations by providing comprehensive order and inventory management tools. These features enable entrepreneurs to efficiently track orders, manage stock levels, and enhance customer satisfaction through timely deliveries. One of Blanxer’s standout features is its user-friendly integration of diverse online payment gateways, ensuring a secure and hassle-free shopping experience for customers. To further enhance functionality, Blanxer offers a diverse array of third-party applications through its integrated marketplace. These apps cover marketing, analytics, customer support, and more, enabling businesses to tailor their e-commerce operations to their specific requirements. 


Dression’s innovation lies at the intersection of AI technology, sustainability, and personalized fashion. Through our AI-powered platform, we’re revolutionizing the fashion industry by providing highly personalized outfit recommendations, reducing clothing waste, and promoting responsible consumption. Our AI algorithms analyze individual style preferences, body types, and existing wardrobes to curate outfit suggestions that align with customers’ unique identities. This personalized approach enhances customer satisfaction and reduces the need for excessive purchasing. Additionally, our wardrobe capsule feature encourages customers to create versatile outfit combinations from their existing clothing, minimizing the demand for new items. By promoting sustainable fashion choices, we’re addressing the industry’s environmental impact. Our innovation aligns with global efforts to mitigate climate change, reduce resource consumption, and shift towards circular fashion practices. With a focus on both personalization and sustainability, Dression’s innovation aims to transform how people interact with fashion, creating a positive impact on individuals and the planet. 


With about 90% of visually impaired individuals residing in developing nations like Nepal, their needs deserve attention. Drishya is a smart glass solution that anticipates obstacles, reads documents, and aids navigation through advanced AI. Drishya’s key highlight lies in its utilization of cutting-edge camera and AI technology. By surpassing the limitations of traditional assistive tools like smart blind sticks, our smart glasses provide superior object detection capabilities. This includes identifying complex elements such as stairs and navigating challenging terrains, ensuring a safer and more confident user experience.  


The InternSathi.com project has revolutionized Nepal’s internship & career launch landscape for the company and corporations & students. It empowers youth by connecting highly talented and enthusiastic young minds, opportunity seeking with forward-thinking companies. The platform provides a user-friendly interface for job seekers to showcase their skills and experiences, while companies gain access to a diverse pool of potential candidates. With a focus on promoting creativity and innovation, InternSathi.com plays a pivotal role in boosting Nepal’s startup sector, fostering a brighter future for young talents and businesses alike. The project’s innovative approach has nurtured the next generation of tech-savvy, management leaders in Nepal, streamlining the recruitment process and benefiting all stakeholders. By exclusively catering to youth and students, it contributes to the growth of the ICT sector, fostering creativity and diversity. InternSathi.com serves as a dynamic interface connecting aspiring interns and job seekers with forward-thinking organizations.  

प्रस्ट नेपाली

प्रस्ट नेपाली एउटा transformer मोड़लमा  आधारित एउटा software हो | यसले व्याकरणको अशुद्धता र हिज्जेको  त्रुटिहरू पत्ता लगाएर सुझावहरू दिने गर्छ | हामीले ट्रान्सफर्मर मोडेललाई तालिम दिदा १० लाख  वटा  व्याकरण अशुद्ध रहेका वाक्यहरू र त्यसका  शुद्ध वाक्यहरूको प्रयोग गरेका थियौ | transformer मोड़लले  कुनै पनि वाक्यमा हुनी सेमंटिक (semantic ) र syntactic ( वाक्य रचनामा ) आइ पर्नी समस्यालाई ध्यानमा राखी कुनै पनि नेपाली वाक्यलाई पुनर्लेखन गरेर शुद्ध वाक्य बनाउने  गर्छ |