ICT Award

Startup ICT Award 2023 Top 5 Finalists

Top 5

Bhojmandu Food Pvt. Ltd.

Bhojmandu is a food delivery company that is committed to providing customers with the best quality food experience. The company has been to provide customers with convenient and fast access to the best meals, without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Bhojmandu provides easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions to customers and restaurants & excellent customer service and support to customers and restaurants & continually strives to improve the customer experience. 

No of employees: – 7 
Startup Address: – Kathmandu-30 

Diyo AI Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Diyo AI has brought a transformative impact to Nepal’s AI industry through several key initiatives: Localized AI Focus: Unlike most AI companies in Nepal that concentrate on outsourcing, our startup specializes in “localizing AI.” It is the first Nepali company which can make chatbot which can understand Devanagari and Romanized Nepali. The AI products are tailored for government service enhancement, development agency impact, and private business growth, contributing to effective service delivery and economic advancement. 

No of Employees: – 9 
Startup Address:- Jwagal, Lalitpur 

GG Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (Happy Minds)

Happy Minds is working to build an established platform for migrant workers/Nepali international students to have access to Nepali mental healthcare professionals in major destinations, continue to offer Workplace wellbeing support also outside of Kathmandu, establish certified gatekeeper/psychological first aider in community for psychosocial support on community level. In 2 years of operations, Happy Minds has served among 45000+ Nepalese for mental health support, trained 1500+ Psychological First Aiders in workplace/community, established private 24/7 tollfree hotline for EAP partners, serving to Nepalese across 17 nations including migrant workers. 

No of employees: – 19 
Startup Address: – Jawalakhel, Kathmandu 


Rasan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Rasan, as a grocery supplier and delivery service provider is creating an e-commerce platform to create an ecosystem for hassle-free business. Innovative thinking to solve the major problems of the biggest industry (i.e. grocery and FMCG) of the countries in South Asia through optimum use of technology and data science Single Point of Supply for a wide range of FMCG & Grocery products through application software has created an easy supply chain for consumers. 

No of employees: – 65 
Startup Address: – Pepsicola, Kathmandu 


Yarsa Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Yarsa Tech is working tirelessly to establish electronics manufacturing ecosystem in Nepal. The company has been working to enhance power electronics along with other products. Yarsa tech is making history of consumer-based electronics manufacturing in Nepal while providing opportunity to young engineers to innovate. The company researched and came up with a fine product catered for the Nepalese market. 

No of Employees: – 30 
Startup Address: – Pokhara, Nepal