Voting Guidelines


Please read the following details carefully:

  1. Voting for “Startup ICT Award 2020“, “Product ICT Award 2020” and “Rising Student ICT Award 2020” will start from Midnight, 2020 to Midnight, 2020.
  2. User can vote for their favorite Startup, Product and Student Projects via:
    -SMS Voting
    -Online Voting
  3. For SMS voting, user has to type ICT<SPACE><VOTING-CODE> and send to 
  4. Online voting is available via our website,
  5. One user can vote daily one vote for one category only. Any additional votes will be counted invalid. For example, one mobile number can vote to one company among the Top-5 companies of “Startup ICT Award 2019”, one vote to one product among the Top-5 products of “Product ICT Award 2019” and one vote to one student projects among the Top-5 “Rising Student ICT Award 2019” daily. 
  6. Any other votes will be deemed invalid and will not be counted towards the results. This applies for SMS voting. For online voting, you can only vote once in each category throughout the voting period and once voted, it can’t be changed.
  7. Organizers reserve the right to cancel any entries if it finds the entries suspicious and fraudulent.
    Standard SMS charge (NRs. 5 + TAX) apply for SMS voting. No charges apply for Online Voting.
  8. Organizers reserve the right to extend or shorten the voting time period.
  9. In case of any dispute, organizers decision would be final.