ICT Award

Voting Guidelines


Please read the following details carefully:

  1. Voting for “Startup ICT Award 2022“, “Product ICT Award 2022”, “Rising Star Innovation ICT Award 2022” and “Public Choice ICT Award 2022” is open from Midnight, 25th November 2022 till Midnight, 15th December 2022.
  2. User can vote for their favorite Startup, Product, Rising Star Innovation and Public Choice ICT Award 2022 via:
    – SMS Voting
    – IME Pay Voting
  3. For SMS voting:
    • Go to your message box in mobile phone
    • Type ICT<space> <voting code>
    • Send it to 35001
  4. For IME Pay voting:
    • Download the app IME Pay from Play Store or App Store.
    • Open the IME Pay app.
    • Click on Entertainment.
    • Click on Voting.
    • Click on the appropriate award category and vote for your favorite one.
  5. One user (mobile number) can cast daily one vote for one category only from each medium (SMS and IME Pay App). Any additional votes will be counted invalid. For example, one mobile number can vote to any one company among the Top-5 companies of “Startup ICT Award 2022”, one vote to any one product among the Top-5 products of “Product ICT Award 2022” and one vote to any one projects among the Top-5 “Rising Star Innovation ICT Award 2022” daily from each medium (One from IME Pay App and One from SMS). However, there is no limit for number of votes one number can cast for “Public Choice ICT Award 2022”.
  6. Standard charges for Voting Applies.
  7. Organizers reserve the right to extend or shorten the voting time period with or without prior notice.
  8. In case of any dispute, organizers’ decision would be final and binding.